Why CHOOSING us is the right CHOICE!

Nailbed follows NYS safety guidelines in all aspects of our operations. We never reuse one-time-use implements, such as files and orangewood sticks. We specifically sanitize all our multi-use implements using hospital-grade disinfectants to prevent the spread of infections and viruses commonly transferable in beauty establishments.

(i.e. Hepatitis C, Funguses, HIV, etc.)

Nailbed uses "Pedicure Bowls" instead of commonly used "Pedicure Spa Tubs" in order to decrease the likeliness of spreading pathogens through inadequate sanitation.

Nailbed employs licensed and experienced Nail Technicians

Nailbed does not use Parabens or the "Big 7 / 10" toxin products

We use Industry leading brands and product lines

ORLY, Gelish, The Gel Bottle, Zoya, Deborah Lippmann and many more...

NYS Guidelines for Beauty Salon and Spas