Service Accommodations

We service both Appointments and Walk-ins. However, to ensure availability and to minimize wait time, we recommend scheduling an appointment on our website

Payments and Gift Card

We accept Cash, Debit, All Major Credit Cards, and Nailbed Gift Certificates; unfortunately, we do not accept personal checks. Gift Cards are available in-store ONLY; they are transferable, but cannot be returned or exchanged, and are not redeemable for cash. Please be advised: LOST or STOLEN gift cards are not replaceable.

Service Cancellation

We require at least 8 hours' notice (CALLING us at 718.638.6233 or EMAILING us at when canceling any scheduled service(s) made online, by telephone or in-person. Neglecting to notify us of untimely cancellation, will result in a non-refundable cancellation fee/no-show fee of 100% of the intended service(s) cost. THIS ALSO APPLIES TO APPOINTMENT'S MADE DAY OF! Appointments made using promotions are considered redeemed in full due to insufficient cancellation /no-show.

Appointment Modifications

Appointments may be upgraded if our schedule permits the time necessary to accomidate the upgrade and/or add-on. Services may not be modified at the time of service; untimely modifications will be classified as a short-term cancellation and result in a 100% cancellation charge of the unwanted service.

Service Grace Period and Lateness

If you are 5 or more minutes late, we reserve the right to reschedule all or some of your service; this will ensure that the unscheduled lateness does not affect the service(s) of punctual client's. Rescheduled or canceled appointments due to lateness will incur a 100% of the scheduled service cost as a cancellation fee, which will be charged to the credit card on file.

Medical Conditions

Please list all medical condition(s) on your Guest Consultation Form during your initial visit. Any changes or new condition(s) should be shared with your technician prior to service(s) rendered. Please be advised that our services are general and cannot replace any medical treatment; please consult with a physician before scheduling an appointment.


Our nail salon services healthy nails and skin; if in doubt, we reserve the right to refuse service to any individual who does not meet this criteria. We will supplement our refusal by offering a discount on your next service (of equal or lesser value), once the condition is treated or rectified. Please be advised; we are not physicians, so we cannot diagnose any infections or diseases; we recommend seeing a doctor for further assistance.

You may choose to leave a gratuity for a job well done. Tipping is always appreciated, but the ultimate reward for our staff is a satisfied customer. Monetary appreciation is accepted via CASH AND/OR CHARGE.

Our nail salon can sufficiently accommodate our scheduled guests and 1 companions at most; although visitors are not discouraged, we prefer to keep it to a minimum. Small children must be under parental supervision at all times if they're not receiving services; although visiting children are not discouraged, we prefer all guests be 14 years of age or older.