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Address: 317 Flatbush Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11217      Tel: (718) 638.6233

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NAILBED is an upscale natural nail salon in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY, offering differentiated beauty enhancement services to its community. We offer a full selection of nail care, alternative waxing, and mini massage options.


We pride ourselves on using eco-friendly, organic, and natural products for our nail and body care services; we invested the time to research and test all of our products and procedures to ensure a worry free environment. NAILBED has an exclusivity factor that merges the feel of a neighborhood nail salon with the look and commitment of a luxury spa.  In addition to creating a visually appealing location, practicing optimal hygiene and sanitation within the salon, our utmost attention is directed toward customer satisfaction.  Our overall goal at NAILBED is to create an environment that is delightful for all!